The Band

"We're gonna bring your party up to a nice, respectable level."

               --Duncan, Some Kind of Wonderful


The Molly Ringwald Project, hailing from the Central and South Coasts of California, is a top drawing 80s tribute band, to put it simply.

Brought together by the Force, the Powers of Grey Skull, the Flux Capacitor, a beat up Swatch Watch wrapped around an old can of Aquanet, and just a pinch of discarded MX Missile fuel, tMRP brings an authentic show to sold out crowds throughout California. Paying homage to all the songs stuck in their heads from the days of yore, tMRP brings an unparalleled energy to every show and venue they have the good fortune to play in.

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Roxy - lead vox - Ian - lead vox/guitar - Craig - drums - Joey Flowers - lead guitar - Jay - keys - Rob - bass