Ian Musgrove - Vocals


Ian “Super dude” Musgrove is a virtual nobody who, in a freak accident involving a rogue DeLorean and a ColecoVision gaming console was transported from 1986 to our present day. Dazed and confused with no real life skills beyond “putting out the vibe” and a passion for high top sneakers, he heard the sounds of his day coming from a local pub for which he walked inside. It was there that he first saw “The Molly Ringwald Project” and for the first time in a long time he felt as if he was back in his own time and knew he NEEDED to be a part of this most righteous of bands. Since then he has toured the US singing, has played a personal showcase for Clive Davis himself at CBGB’s New York and even wrote and sold one of his personal songs called “butterfly” to Chaka Khan for a 2008 CD to raise funds and awareness for Autism (Although unfortunately never released publicly.) Though it may be sad to report that, for technological reasons he won’t be able to return to the year 1986, he has found a most excellent home with the next best thing.. TMRP!

Roxanne Morganstern - Vocals


Roxanne Morganstern’s voice is a unique and ever-developing instrument. During her college years, she sang in several gospel choirs and was an integral part of an independent film soundtrack comprised of rock and alternative music. When she moved to LA in 1994, she had a chance meeting with James Lumb of Electric Skychurch, and by summer of 1995 she was onstage before 5,000 people as the band’s lead vocalist. With Skychurch, she sang before hundreds of thousands of people across the US, Canada and Mexico, and her vocals were showcased on the EP “Together” (Moonshine). 
In the year 2000, Roxanne teamed up with Ryeland Allison and Lorenzo Ciacci to form the electronic/ambient group ambr.sea, and self-released their album “Technologie” in 2002. In 2003, Roxanne teamed up with James Lumb once more for a series of tours with Skychurch. Roxanne began to shift gears in the summer of 2008 when her partnership with Lumb came to an amicable end. Her voice can also be heard singing Jingles in many regions of Germany and Austria, and she has been featured on an audio CD accompanying a children’s book released in May of 2008.


Rob Cantrell - Bass


Rob has been playing bass since the beginning of high school and has a style all his own. When Rob is on stage he "owns it" every time all the time. Robs years of music experience make him a very versatile and well-rounded musician capable of playing any kind of music. Robs previous bands include Primal Tribe, Implant & Harvey Kirshner all who have had amazing success in the music industry


Bobby McKee - Guitars

Bobby has been playing guitar since the 8th grade when he asked for his first guitar at Christmas. After high school he went to Grove School of Music in Los Angeles then came back and started his first band in the early 80's which eventually turned into Primal Tribe with Rob Cantrell. Primal Tribe's song "Beautiful"  was featured on a local Santa Barbara compilation album called Santa Barbara's unsigned hero's. The success of the band and the song  earned primal tribe a slot at the Yamaha sound check music showcase in Los Angeles. Only five bands were picked out of California  to perform at the showcase for  producers and record labels. Primal Tribe  Had a phenomenal crowd response but ended up losing the contest to another local Santa Barbara band Dishwalla. Primal Tribe regrouped about 15 years later performing 90s cover songs, then several band members shifted to start  the 80s band The Molly Ringwald Project and the rest is history!

L.P Bertelsen - Drums


LP is an absolutely amazing drummer. He did his first tour at age 19 to Hungary and Czechoslovakia. He has been playing in the Santa Ynez Valley and all over the central coast with different bands for years and he is one of the first go-to guys local musicians call when they need a fill in, studio or session drummer. LP's playing is so solid it caught the attention of Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina who invited him to go on tour but a phone number mishap caused Kenny to dial the wrong number leaving LP in the dark until the tour was underway. He recently joined TMRP and his solid playing has brought a whole new level of excitement to the band.

Dan Gillen - Keys


Colonel Dan is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force and has been playing the keys since the day he was born. Dan can site read any music put in front of him and his talent and skills never cease to amaze his band mates.His ability has allowed the band to play songs they never thought they could play because of their difficulty but Dan blows through them with little or no effort. Keyboards are the key to an 80's band and his sounds are the main ingredient to tMRP's success.